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Ani Difranco


Ani Difranco

Red Letter Year Reprise

new years eve we dropped mushrooms
and danced around the house
making music with everything that we found
incantation replaced resolution
and we vowed to allow each perfection we could be
and the goddesses sent word
that this would be a red letter year
they didn't mention how much shit was gonna change around here
it's just as well we weren't swollen with unfocused dread
we had visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads
dancing in our heads

first you go under and then you coming up gives you bends
and when you break the surface
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and all you see is your friends
so you grab your purple crayon
and flush out the picture behind
and finally the whole world is made of one unbroken line
one unbroken line

and when you wake up sick as a dog
with dull eyes and really bad hair
standing under a lit sign with the words on air
and the water is rising it's coming in everywhere
just remember you are there
you're always, always there