You Are The World 歌詞 Sam Brown ※
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Sam Brown


Sam Brown

You Are The World

To write down words is not enough
Still I can try to put across
The width and the depth of this ordinary thing
It's called a name and that is love
Though it's hard to believe it's an ordinary thing
It's what our lives are made up of
And therefore it must be

You are the mountain and the stream
You are my world, you are my dream
You are the heart that's holding my heartbeat
You are my dream
You are the world, you are to me

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We all must live day out, day in
We all must sleep, we all must breathe
And all we can seek
Is a way of life that is
As much as we can hope to be
Oh inspiration is here for all to know and see
And it is this you give to me
All that I can be

(Repeat Chorus)

You are the world, you are to me